Redirect 2%!


By the 2% provision of the Tax Code, each taxpayer, natural person, can forward 2% of the income tax paid to the state. The money will go to a non-governmental organization selected by the taxpayer. In this way, you are telling the Romanian state how you would like to spend some of your income tax.

The amount is not considered a sponsorship nor a donation but it is a part of the state budget which is being redirected.

Children in Distress foundation launches 2% campaigns every year, and the raised sums are always used to benefit the children with disabilities. All you need to do is fill out the form, each year, until May 25 and send it via CID’s address – – thus you will redirect some of the income tax you already pay to the state.

We wish to thank all of those who were by our side during the past years and to those who decided to meet us in 2015. Children in Distress team needs constant support to care for children suffering from neurological diseases but also for those who rely on CID’s extended family for support.

2% means investing money in a noble cause or the easiest way to get involved and make a difference.



2% means you redirect a sum from the income tax you already paid to the state.

CID’s team thanks you in advance!

Redirect 20%!


Sponsorship is a practice regulated by the law and used by many companies in Romania.

Thus, legal persons, companies or registered sole traders can make deductible donations for charitable causes.

Sponsorship law allows for deduction of tax in case of sponsorships up to 3%0 (three per thousand) of turnover or 20% of the tax due (for companies – the amount cannot exceed 3 per thousand of turnover). In the case of registered sole traders, the limit is 5% of gross income minus deductible expenses.

Those who want to help Children in Distress Foundation must fill out a Sponsorship Agreement, which can be downloaded using the provided links below, and sent it via

CID’s team thanks you in advance!